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Cherokee Productions was first incorporated by Motion Picture Icon and Television legend, James Garner in 1965 and has continued to be a highly respected and recognized domestic and international brand to this day.


Cherokee Productions has always been a pioneer in both film and television and has been one of very few production companies in history who have accomplished both so successfully.


Having already established a successful worldwide brand for five decades, gives Cherokee Productions a strong advantage over other production companies who have not had the time to build those critical long term industry relationships that Hollywood is built upon.


Cherokee Productions is currently in the process of developing, packaging and producing a new generation of superior, quality projects including feature films and television productions. All productions are slated to have a variety of diverse budgets with strict cost controls to ensure a continual flow of product.


Mr. Garner has been actively involved in reading and approving all of up coming projects for Cherokee Productions. He has an exceptional eye for what translates well from page to screen. James Garner has starred in some of the most important films and iconic television shows in cinematic history such as: The Great Escape, Grand Prix, Sayonara, The Notebook, Space Cowboys, The Americanization of Emily, Murphy’s Romance, The Ya Ya Sisterhood, 36 Hours, The Thrill of it All, Move Over Darling, Duel at Diablo, Hour of The Gun, Barbarians at the Gate, Skin Game, The Children’s Hour, Maverick, etc… and The Rockford Files and Maverick, etc…



Skin Game (1971) ... Production Company

Marlowe (1969) ... Production Company

Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969) ... Production Company

The Racing Scene (1969) ... Production Company

How Sweet It Is! (1968) ... Production Company

Grand Prix (1966) ... Production Company

Mister Buddwing (1966) ... Production Company

Duel at Diablo (1966) ... Production Company

A Man Could Get Killed (1966) ... Production Company

The Art of Love (1965) ... Production Company

36 Hours (1965) ... Production Company 







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