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CHEROKEE PRODUCTIONS was first incorporated by Motion Picture Icon and Television legend, James Garner in 1965 and has continued to be a recognized domestic and international brand to this day.

The next generation carrying the torch for CHEROKEE PRODUCTIONS is his daughter Gigi Garner. She plans to continue her Father’s legacy into the future by exploring new, innovative ways of making and marketing their motion picture and television projects to ensure profits for many years to come.

Gigi Garner went to Westlake School for Girls and then she attended the prestigious USC Film School, studied films of the Third Reich in Germany and even worked at CAA for a stint.


She has also been a successful recording artist abroad, the Hostess of a Thames TV show, a print model and even a real-life licensed private investigator a la Rockford. She has also written three number one songs and had two successful non-fiction books published.


She most recently ran a successful boutique talent agency to represent some talented actors, writers and directors who needed a strong cheerleader!

Her unique position, coupled with her unyielding determination, has allowed her to place her talent in many television series and feature films.

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