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  • The long-standing industry relationships enjoyed collectively by the principals of Cherokee Productions will positively affect every area of production and exploitation. Cherokee Productions already has solid relationships with several trusted domestic and international sales companies to market their projects effectively.


  • Cherokee Productions has enjoyed significant success in the past both artistically and financially in the area of independent and studio filmmaking.


  • The company extensively researches the commercial viability of each project before production, using the same studio algorithm that the major studios use in Film Forecasting. This method has proven to generate a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) by using a formula based on positive and negative scoring.


  • The production of each project will utilize a number of proven strategies (such as employing state-of-the-art digital production, post-production technique, etc…) to maximize the screen value of every dollar spent.


  • Cherokee Productions takes both an artistic and a market-oriented approach to selecting and developing a project. The company uses the informed judgment of the principals to select high-quality screenplays that can effectively be produced on a reasonable and realistic budget.

Cherokee Productions is only interested in properties that have the greatest chance of success. The producers must weigh these factors heavily when choosing any project:


  • The commercial appeal of the script

  • The commercial appeal of the talent

  • The experience and efficiency of the producers

  • The size of the production budget

  • The effectiveness and scope of distribution

  • Print and advertising budgets

  • Publicity and promotion

  • Potential home video and DVD sales

  • Potential television and cable sale

  • Potential foreign sales in all media

  • Potential merchandising and music revenues

  • Potential for Gaming and Apps

  • Potential Soundtrack Sales




                         ACADEMY  AWARD WINNING PRODUCER



The 15:17 to Paris Producer

Tommy's Honour – Producer

Sully - Producer

American Sniper - Executive Producer, Production Manager 

Jersey Boys – Executive Producer

Trouble With The Curve – Producer

In the Land of Blood and Honey - Producer

J. Edgar – Executive Producer, Production Manager 

Hereafter - Executive Producer, Unit Production Manager 

Invictus - Executive Producer, Unit Production Manager

Gran Torino - Executive Producer, Production Manager 

Changeling - Executive Producer, Unit Production Manager  

Letters from Iwo Jima - Co-producer, Unit Production Manager 

Flags of Our Fathers - Co-producer, Unit Production Manager 

Million Dollar Baby - Unit Production Manager 2004 

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius - Line Producer, Producer, UPM

Mystic River - Unit Production Manager

The Climb - Co-producer 

Miss Congeniality - Production Manager   

Bullfighter - Line Producer

Animal Factory - Line Producer, Unit Production Manager 

The White River Kid - Co-producer 

Storm Catcher - Line Producer, Unit Production Manager 

A Murder of Crows - Line Producer, Production Manager 

Road House - Executive Producer

Jack's Back - Producer 1988


Producer Tim Moore having already made several similar motion pictures will definitely help expedite our production in every area.


Cherokee Productions will utilize all his industry expertise for locations, pre-existing sets, etc... All of Mr. Moore's industry relationships are priceless.





Tim Moore ... Co-producer, Unit Production Manager, Producer

Clint Eastwood ... Producer 

Paul Haggis ... Executive Producer
Robert Lorenz ... Producer
Steven Spielberg ... Producer




Tim Moore...Co-Producer, Unit Production Manager, Producer

Clint Eastwood ... Producer
Robert Lorenz ... Producer
Steven Spielberg ... Producer

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